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Some Experiences and Improvement Suggestions on Using Axial Compensator Piping System

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Some Experiences and Improvement Suggestions on Using Axial Compensator Piping System

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Basic Principle of Force on Compensator Bracket: Spherical Compensator

The force support of axial compensator is divided into main fixing support, secondary fixing support and guide support.

Thrust calculation of fixed support:

The horizontal thrust of the main fixing bracket consists of three forces:

Internal pressure thrust F = PA due to working pressure:

Among them, P is the working pressure and A is the effective section area. Internal pressure thrust is determined by effective section area and working pressure. Internal pressure thrust is proportional to working pressure and effective section area. Generally speaking, internal pressure thrust of compensator is larger.

Elastic force produced by stiffness of compensator PA=KfL

Among them, the stiffness of K compensator, the actual elongation of pipeline is L, the coefficient is F, and the pre-stretching time is 0.5, otherwise it is 1.

Sliding friction reaction q_ L between fixed supports

Among them, q is the weight of the pipeline, Mu is the friction coefficient, L is the distance from the free end of the pipeline to the fixed end.

Horizontal thrust = internal pressure thrust + friction reaction + elastic force of main fixing bracke

If not, the bending distance and lateral thrust of the fixing bracket caused by eccentricity will also be taken into account. The horizontal thrust of the main fixing support is huge, and the diameter of the main fixing support can reach hundreds of tons. It is difficult to arrange the main fixing support in civil engineering.

The force of secondary fixing bracket is the same as that of main fixing bracket, but the balance of internal pressure thrust offsets the total thrust, which is not an order of magnitude with the main fixing bracket and belongs to the intermediate load-reducing bracket.

When calculating the fixed point thrust, the forces on each side of the fixed point should be calculated separately and then synthesized. When the direction of both sides of the fixed point is the same, the vector sum of two forces is used as the thrust of the fixed point. When the two forces are in opposite directions, the force with large absolute value minus 0.7 times the force with small absolute value is used as the thrust of fixed point.

The guide bracket controls the movement along the pipeline or compensator to ensure that the expansion of the pipeline acts on the compensator and that the pipeline does not lose stability.

General compensator manufacturer samples not only specify the product specifications "structure" parameters, but also have application examples of thrust calculation "general installation requirements, more auspicious. It can be used as design basis.

The influence of small displacement of fixing bracket on compensator:

Many piping systems and even directly buried piping systems are arranged as movable designs with small thermal displacement of fixed supports. In natural compensation piping systems, the whole piping system participates in the compensation of deformation, and the deformation of pipes is more uniform. This arrangement makes the piping system have good integrity, high reliability and can reduce stress concentration. In the compensator pipe system, the situation is very different, if the improper treatment has a great impact on the safety of the compensator. A movable design form of micro thermal displacement is that the connection between pipeline and bracket is not welded to death, but is welded and fixed at the root close to the limit baffle. There is much controversy about whether the baffle type fixing bracket of phase national standard 403.022-02 is welded for the natural compensation piping system. In addition, steel sleeve steel internal fixing is used for the direct buried steam piping. This structure is to reduce the heat transfer of the heat bridge. The fixing ring is made of rubber plate and other insulation materials between the inner and outer ring plates. The inner and outer ring plates are usually not welded and can move freely. When the fixing bracket is compared, the fixing ring can move freely. Vibration of large force or water hammer will produce a certain amount of displacement, and sometimes a small longitudinal displacement will also occur, which will exert a torque effect on the compensator, and this displacement has a certain impact on the compensator.

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